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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  July 13, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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addictedd to sex. sex. (richhrd) 8:30:57 i knnw what i was oingg asnnt rrght but i didn't kkoo what it waa. foo one man.. why it's easier than ever to fall nto the trap..... and if sex addiction -issa cop ut... or a real pedical condition. &p------------------------------------------- ---------ccaos ootside a courttooo.tte group that the exxreme measures pooice took to stop the brawl. & ------------------------------------------ -------- pleasant --3pcangee fr tommrrow. how much - temperrtures will drop...ann if the miller weather will past thrrugh the weekend in my ssywwtchhforecast. &p--------------------------------------- ----- a dying man.. beaten by a police officer. &pofficer. iidon'' want this too - happen to anyone lse again." aggii." he manns &pfinaa wish.. thht led tt confrrntatton ith the law. 3 a... / - terminally ill man.../ who... wanted to die...// 3 ááwalkedáá pout.../ of... a...
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-3 pp-g... county hhspittl... to & go ome... / / but thh patient found pgain... a fewwhourr lattr after beinn attacked.kathleen cairns has moreeon oth sides of ttis bizarre story. &pstory. 3 (wwtg re-write) his namee 3 may not know him but youuve probabll seen is work. he spent nearry 20--eers.. as -& a bridge and tower ppinter. today at 58 mccullum is preearrng to die. he's losing his battle with stage 4 lung cancer.. and hii days are time i heard six monnhss. ii wasn't supposed to be here six mmnths but i went ppst sii montts." bout aamonth walkeddout oofprince ggorge'' teeliig anyone.mccullum ays, "i waattd o go home...bbcause 3 poing to die at hhme.""(hanged praak)a crrticallmmisings pprrons report wws issued and & mccullum onnthe highway, and confronted the dyingg an. mccullum says, "when he pulled up on the side of me he said - where o you thiik you're
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going and i said i'mmgoing home and he said, h you''e not ggiin home. i said yes sir, i am going home and that's when he grabbed me." (changed track) mccullum plaims the 6 foot our.. 240 -3 pound offiiers puncheddand kicked him.the officee has 3 violent. ssakur says, "bassd - onn r. mcculllms size ann ny actions in his case werr excessive." now mccullum'' filed a court compliant. hh wants theeofficerrprosecuted..-& tting.. i don't want this o -3 hhppen to aanone else againn" meanwhile.. mccullum was charged wwth assault ann takee back to te hospital by ambulaace. in prince georges countyykk fox 45 newssat 10 - 3 p after thh police officer -3 found out about mccullum's terminal edical connitton asssalt charges against the dying mannwere dropped.. nnw
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turned ad the fffcer... could answering to the same &charges.. 3tragedy sttikes in northeast dead aater a traffic accidenn -&palong the alamenda near harford road. 3 3 p3 the child was thrown from a car that police say hit ree. -3& the chill's ffther and & nother child wwre aso pnjured ii the crash, but they -3 are exxected to survivv. nn -& word yet on what ay have - caused thh crash. -3 3 allo in nnrtheast baltimore... -3 a... ttaffic stop... led tt a &p - p3 it happpned .../ & when ettctives... walkee upp to a car.../ filmore street .../ - ddring... a drug -3& 3 "as the detecctive approachhddthe vehicle the &pdriverrattempped to withdrawll a hhndgun at whiic he detectives discharged their handguns several ounds into &ptheevehcile. vehcile. the car... ppddoff.../ áábutáá one... later....shhoedduu... at shock ttauma.../ ith a gunshot wound... toohis arr. 3 new information ttnight &pon a story you saa first on fox.... esidents in a nootheast baltimooe -3 neighborhooo areeupsee abbut
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purggaries and how long it takes police to ressond. respond. keith daniels, is liveeinnthee peighborhooo again tooiiht with answers from the police -3&pdepartmentt..keith. -3 keith. jnnifee..... - eighbbrs say 6 of 3 latest hhppened oer the ttat burglary that's causing concern tonight. ttnight. p3 peopll who live on blvd.. sayythey're dealing break-ins......(wwmaa) "sooeone came in their hhuue while thee wwre ight in the yaar...............but therees & oncern now ver police &presponse t the latest burglary..... the homeooner, who does noo want to be identtfied, said sse afternoon.. found her sidd 3 the woman, we''l call her pmmchelle", thought she had -& iinerrupted aaburglary...she called ppllie..((omeewnee) "" bben brokee into and omeene is nnmy house..." it took police more than an
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the department is telling us why itttook so long..- ...........accordinn to -& pollce, "michelle" neverrssidd the crime was actually happening at haa momeet... -3 that someone as in hhr hhuse...a burglary in progrrss. so, as a result the caal was givvn a low -3 priooity...non--mergency status.(homeowner) "it 33or not as an emerggncyy peccuse ou don't knoo what the door s open.. ann thaa 'ss p..........police have not releassd te 9---- call.. buu did allow us to listen to thh -tape. we heard the 9-1-11operator answer...... then he hommowner says..... house...." she giies her addresss............the 11 operator says: "what's the problem?"............she answees, "i'm justtgetting --3pome and ii ee my fronn door open, i see my winnow open." -3&&pp...........the 911 operattr: "we'll hhve an officer sent - out
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for you.." the call in progress.(homeowner) "evvn & ptill,a whole hourrlater, no, 3 pburglary in proggess oo the door open oo however they code &p& also tooight.. a 33 police spokesman ssys attthh &pcaal.....officees in the area -& were busy with abbut 50 otherr calls....... live in norrheast baltimoree keith daniels, fox 45 nees at en. & ox45 if helping you sseepup - anddfight bbck with a new tool... alled "spotcrime."yoo can trackkcrimmnal activity in emaill when criie happens.go click on spot crrme in hot -3 topics at theetop off hh -3 scrren. 3 3 nnw tonight...a mmn from anne arundel county will
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&pánotá face chargess fterrhe doo.ii june... ianca moye was walkinggher dog in ssvern... when it got into a fighh with ownerr.. tonyynoriegaa.. shot poye's dogboth dogs werr ánott tryinggtooppotect his childree. 3 nnw inffrmation... & n... the rash... inn 3 phat... sent two teens to he hospital.áápoliceáá pair... crossed.../ ritchie hhghway... last night.../ when... they were hit... by a car.../.ááaáá 17-year-old paseddna girl... 3year-oldd.. sean snyder.../ is... in perrous,.../ - áábutáá stable -3 condition..... áánnáá &p charges ....ave been -3 filed... aaainsttthe ddiver. for the fire in owings ills that forced morr than 2 dozen &ppeople out offtteer broke out around two yesterday pfternooo attthe morniigside townnome complex on reisterstoonnroad.13 homes -3&3 firrt ii wassin
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&pworkklaces... then ressaurants and bbrss...and now he ban on - smoking is heading outside. 3 starting today, .../ & áásmoking'sáá nott perritted... at... hhward countt's... public parrs.../. -3 áájoeeáá 3 ccntennial park...// if... sooeone... & decidds to moke aanyay. 3 3 2226 you feee t a liitle throot. smoking, might not ssem right ii a placc like &pthis. 1557 its nassy.. you juss cough and gag uu porbiiden?2212 we are reereateeann be active,,and it pould be iiconsistent for ppl & to comm hhre and there be smokiig. beginninggtoday, howard county is banninn smoking n all public arkss the firrt ban offitt kind -3 in the state. 1500 i thinkk its great,,a move in the right direction. 1657 mmybe a &ppesignated place would have been a better movv on hoco's - part officialssconssderrd paking certain distance froo & oohers part of this peeissation, 2155 llts be honest.. if someooe is smoking 80 yards away, you're not &pgoing to aveethat smokkng --3 iipinginggupon you. but
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really dddn't want to get into how any feet awwy you are, so & we ddcided ts ublc space, 3 the gate.. 2911on this oll sign, prohiibbteddthings include wimming, littering, pamping,off rrad se. haa's pot on here? smoking. yet. the nnw signaae will appeaa -3 phoottl., nntte meantime they -& are ready to appoont this . the thing is, they doo't think thhyywill hhvv o. inntte lastt 3 years, dr. biellnsen says - thereehave been no complaints restaurants orrbars. but if the smoke ddes not settle here? 2710 when i et &&pwind offthat, iis ust nasty. - smmkersswiil be asked to stop smoking, then leavv the - premises, aad finally iff hey still fight he new laa... they'll be fiied up to 1000 -3 dollaas. in ellicctt & city, joel ..smith, fox 45 & news at ten. 3 e assed: do yoo think it should be illlggl to smooe in mixeddon hissone... one...dawn wrote on facebook... -3 "honestlyy his isn't going to &peven stick...its idicullus."
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rriiiulous." ut sara writes: most parkk are occupied y & children who don't neee to -3smell or see ciggreetts. go toofox-baatimore dot com tell us whaa you ttinn. sound off thru facebook. send us a weet at foxbaltiiore. text your answer to 45-203. enter fox45a for no.hear more reeponses tonight on theellte edition at 1. -3 &&p3 a... &p...has died from an iifection.../. iifection.../.thee.. workkr died... tuesday - unioo meeoriaa hhspital.../ ... bacterra...//. 3 ááttere'sáá no... public healthhrisk.../..-áádoccorsáá.. 3&ppo te worker .../ & 3 the... victim's nnme... is ánoo being released. 3&pooficials... firrttever.../ 3 pyranna stephhns ii live in 3pwith hhw the ace could affectt your downtown commute.myranda? p3 jennifer, i'm here at pratt and light streetss.. 3 granddprix accionn but whether
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yyo plln to gooto the race - piving you a hhad tartton planningg 33- 3& nats of traffic t's aarace to get home in downtown baltimore..more nats and any -3 fear áttisá willlonly get the árealá race. rosalind 11:32 i'm concerned reelly & around town 36 on laboo daa -3&pweekend....the city will host -3 its first ever baltimooe ggand prix. an event expected too 3 thousand visitoos ... ann loot of chaages to downtown traffic. kaahy 14:43 iicome in renovatiins have taken aa little bii oo a tolll50today -33 trrnsportatioo offfcialssheld & tte first offttree informaaionaa sessions toolet the public know what it can expect ábeforeá nd duurng te thrre-day evvnt. they say thh keyy.. issto plan ahead. prndall 6:22 minor inconvienieeces will bb noted as early s july 25thh that's when the race wall & ccnstruution will begin all the way hrough august 8th afferrthat
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--ddiversscan expecttto see several road 3 prattt treet and the 395- -3 ramp. offfcials say thh main pntry into the city will e 10:00 e will deeinitely be &&paale to serve those who wantt 3 downtwon as well s thossewho - want o avood te aaea 10 -3 officiaas say ssme bbs andd pighttrail routes will also be affected by the raae. but they 3 sales... ii'll all be worth -3&pit. onnie 19:11 e had a target atttndance of a -&p100-thousand people we're - already ooee 60 percent oo the pay thereeand weestill have 500 pays o the race 19 perhaps an early ssgnnthat it wiil be -3 baltimmre... aking home the & checkerrd flag. rosalind 12:555 pi's going tt be neatt it'ss juutt eally greatt and anythinn bbltimore can do to -prrmoteeitselffis sooimporrant 00 3 you can find more details -3 about the balttmmre grand prix and tte trafffc changes byy goinggtooouu website - 3& newwlinks. &pthaa incluues etaals abbut the next two áinformational
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weee. live in oontown &pbbltimooe, ms, fox45 newssat ttn. 3 3 (riihard) 8:30::7 i knnw &pphat i wws doing wasn't right &pbut didn't knoo whht it was. -3 waa.later n fox455news at pten... how baddan man.. why it's asier than ever toofaal into the 3& 3 take ot - pres. no super -3 obama 12-:17"i cannot puarantee ttat those checks o haven't resolveddttississue.." pssue.." the thought of - sociallsecurrty checcs not arriving in america's mailboxes...// can conjure up strong words... words pike "impeach" weell -& eplain... next 311:18800 i said that's the - ptarttd dialingg911 the surppising ransom ten 3
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[ bailiff ] fee court is now in session. [ latosha ] here are the facts... mr. lambert here was trying to go home for valentine's day. got sick and had to change flights. he paid the difference in airfare. but the other airline... ...smacked him with a 150-dollar fee just to change. 150 bucks. change fee. that's double-dipping. who can afford surprises like that? why does he hate travelers so much?! so what do you think? guilty! stick a fork in him. case closed, honey.
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[ male announcer ] don't pay a change fee on top of a fare difference. fly southwest the only major airline that never charges change fees. 3 theeseerchh.. is... on... the kiinapping.../ of... -&ppn 88 eaa old... balttmore boy.../. áácrimeáá and justice reporter,,, joy lepola,,,. says.... kidnapped,,, for ccsh. cash. 3 ((pkg)) ((nat sound of child returnnng home from john rydell's pkg yesterday)) the & men who kidnapped year old daarick brown demaaded a 5- hundredddollar rannom..(heeen) 11::2:12 i thinn eople will do anything in this dayyaad age to get wwat they want.. &phelen jones livvs ddwn the &pstreet frommwhere kidnappers were keeping darrick inside a -3 vacant ome. she came to is rescuu... after she spotttd him on the streett 11:18:02 i said thatts the little boy &pmissing and i starttd dialing - 911 beccuse he asked if he
10:18 pm
3 ddouments imply... the mastermind beeind the kidnapping is this man raheem tayllr. 10:13:08 taaing a phild is as seeioos as ittgets -3 and my first inclinntion is always what else is ehingg & this. kidnapping usually involve someone's ability to pay. if you have the money to pay where re you getting the -& natuue assa police officer it makes me thing thht wayy police suspect drugs may be iivolvvd sinceebrown's fatherr - has riorrarrests. drugs, ranssm aad kiinappiigg the 3 attleast one resident -3 wonderrng if baltimore's criiinals aae ramping it up. -3 (heeen) 11118:56 you neverr --&pknow. he may havv been found in there dead lord knows how (norris) 10:14:47 t's still a &ppeople need to remmmmer that you'veegot aalot of cirme nd -&pnot just a little bit ore but a ot more were way more viollnt thatn moss city's in - tte counttr way at the top. booker justtgoo ouu f jail 3 and half weeks agoo the 22 yearrold tells police he only
10:19 pm
piddapping after the plan hit a snag.. booker ii now beingg held lepola fox 455news at ten. 3 taylor... remains.... &pwanted by pplicc tonight. the... owwsn 3 accusee... f... immlanting stents... in patients...// ...haa.../ -3 hii... mmdical license pevolked... today. state... board of &pphysscians...// ppured... over... the...recordds,, of... mark pidei's.../ patients.../ááandáá ound ... he falsiffed the records.../ of... 4... of evvryy5... aaieets.../ áámiieiáá lostt his jjb... at ssint joseph's... medical center.../ááandáá former .../ -3&ppatiints...//ááhisáá lawyee,,, ssys,,,. 3p the state's - highest ourt upholds a couucclwoman helen holton of 3 tte court of a legislator's officiall actions ffoo bbiig used 3 prosecctorssaccuseddholtonnof takinn campaign monne in 3 holton pleaded guilty to a campaign finance vvolation lass year. shh
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election. p aa.. viitory for those... suing... to development. the... state ceeterrcomplex.... near... west preston... p streett.../ ááárivateáá 3 to... build... office, and 3 pn... staae ppoperty...// áááhenáá , the ,,,state,,, would rent back space,,,. rom the & puilder,,,,. ááálaintiffsáá say... phe deal wws mis-handlee....// áátheáá builddrr.. &pdisagrees./.. 3 15:32:02 "we competee along 3& or four otter teems. national teams. anddwe went through, &puu, we submitted a package or consideratton. here were questions that were sharrdd presented to a pannllthat -3 members.,,anddthen we werr seeeeced. " -3 " 16:37:13 we're askkng for a level playing iild. we don't miid leasiig offiie space. thatts hat we doo it'' competitiveeto do thht. but -3&pwhhn we'rr compettng gainnt sttteesupporttd devvlopment -3 thatts jjst ppain wrong.. &pwrong." 3 today... /
10:21 pm
3 a... jjdgeedenied the developer's request.../ -3 toodismiss he case..../ 3 &just two months froo today....altimore voters will -3 cast their balllts in he cittyssmayyoal rimary.but one endorsemenn by a group off sparking controversy. as joonnrydell reeorts...that's prompted voters tooweigh-in...on how &pimportanttthooe endorsementss reaaly are.... arr.... 3 "come on n et a aiicut blade maateer, biggest barrbrshop in the city."at -3 bllde masters on rristerstown road....politiis is always...a hot tpic. ""nd they tall - aboutttheemayor, they talk abouttwwat's oing on."and they're alking aabut that -3&pendorsemmnttof aaor stephanie - an influentiil grouu of ballimorr ppstors. (mayor) "i'm pleasse &pto gettthe eedorsement...."thhe shop's owner says he'ssalways resppcctd the mayor and the pnterdenominational mmnisterial lliance.""but he's puzzled... why ttat group
10:22 pm
incummant...wiihouu inteeviewing...any of the & challengers.. munfordd "so 3 chanceeto say what they were trying to do at thatttime and else choose hoothey want to choose."reverend lvin gwynn... wwo currently heeds -3 the roup...says hey've enddrsee mayoos n the past...wwthoutt -3 intervvewiig...all hh miles...who'' a pastt president...saas this year's endorssment...has viilated the group's longstanding ruues. "we re able and we are 33robinssn...says endorsementt...may be polls....hh'd like to see all the mayooal cannidates... (robbisoo) "e got 160,000 our vott is goinggto eaa -3 somethiig but you got o show &pps that you are for real aboou - phattyyuu'' saying."aad folks 3 thee'll bb hhppy to maketheir 3 "and we will vote for you if you are truee o your word."in baltimmre, john ryddll, fox 45 & nees at ten. -3 3
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33 tuesday, september 13th. p3 president... obama..../ walked out... of aa.. "ddbt 3 ááthisáá...// as... the u--s... ebt limii.../ may....not be raised ... -& in time,.../ ááandááá the country... could miss.../ a payment. white house... wanted.. a... larger deal...// áábutáá &plln.../ aalowing... -&cciling....// ááthatáá plln... offerrd -3 by... eeatee minorityyleader... miith mmconnell...// ááallowsáá the &ppresident.../ to....request... debt ceiling.../ in... stages.../ -& upp.. to.../ 225--trillion dollarss..///.. p3 mcconnell says:: "make the presiddnt showwin blaak aad -33 white theessecific cuttshe plaams to supporr. if he phe debt limii on his oon." & -& ooe ... recent poll... shows the american -& people...// pon't want... the debt limit... &pall.../áágaalupááá../ says.../42-percent... of want... their lawwakers... to vote... 3limit../áá22-%áá support it...//áá35áá percent... don't know enough....about it. 3&p. most
10:24 pm
mericanss.. also... wwnt mmoe ...spendinggcuts... & p than... taa hikes...//. & áá22áá perccntt.. wann only... - spending cctt.../áá30áá -3 percent - ámostlláá ppendinggcuts...///áá32áá -peecentt.. waat it split... equally.... bbtween... sppnding cuts... ann ttx increases. &p3 impeech the presidentt it sounds like a radical idea. put as jeff abel eports, it could be a ssrious efforta -if- the preeident doesn't deliver those sooial security checks. - & 3 take sot - pres. no super pbama sot + rrll tc: :12-:17 "i cannot guarantee that thooe checcs go out onn uguss rd if we haven't resolved thiss issue.."take brool- ebt latest - shots of moneysocial yyur paroll axes.take ggaphic - mandatory sppndingwhile teetering on failure, t is - psll part of "manddtory &psppnding" approved bbycongress for the 2002 budget's a legal oobiigtion of the president to pay thess expensess take vo - obamaa even eaders f his wn party are not sspportive of social 3 shhuud not be on this ttble. ácg iitv2 rep. an schakowsky (d))illinois take sot - plosi sot tc :11:27womenn & overwheemingly depend n sociallsecurity.
10:25 pm
without it, half of the women over 65 & ouud ffll inno poverty."ácg intv2 rep. nannyypelosihouse pinority leadertaae file vo - obama sot/broll - generii conggess/white ouse//cecks & money--if-- ccngress doesn'' &&pceilingaa& and -if-- the treasury depaatment doeen't 3 august 2, the prrsidenttwill violate the law one way r optionn1---f-- e tries oo viollte the law.take graphic - obbma optiio 2--iff- he fails to pay mandaaory spenddng iiems like ocial security, he'll viollte he laa.takee fileevo obama soo/bboll - obaaa if he violatts a law,,that could end up in the courts.but no one reallyyhas standinggto the supreee courr.soa& congressswould be left withh &pthe ption to impeech thee -&ppresident.i'm jeff abel -3 reporting. 3 reeresentative tim scott of south caroliia has plready floated the idea of immeaacing the president -iff he increasee he debt ciling without coogressa&&and avoids breaking the laws we ust &pmentiooed. with these sweltering summer temperatures... -g-e is reminding customers ... your utilliy bills may go up. 3 say.../ the... searing sun... aad temperaturee.../ &ppushhngg.. 1000degrees.../ will... to soar...// -3 áájuneeá and
10:26 pm
puly.... were scorchees...///- pácausingáá -3 your... a/c to.. work ii cooled down a bit today today-3 3 will the mercury stay that way for long? long?& here's chief meteorologist vyatts eid with the kywatch forecast
10:27 pm
33 you can e 33& foxbaltimore dot com. traak cominn storrs down to -3 yyur treet. go tt foxbbltimore dot com 3 3 -33&p3 the wife, at that timme maae the spontaneous statement that he dessrved it." it." theevery personal... -3 painfuu attack againssther at tee p3 3 (richard) 8:30:57 i knew what was doing wasn't right put i didn't know what it was. than ever to fall into tte trap..... ..iis our cover - story... aftee the break
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&p extingg../// senning... -3 sugggstive text messagee../ or... the interret....// inteenett...// doocorss puggest it's beeavior thatt could meanindiiate a ex addiction.buttit usally seems peeppe ooly realize theyyhave a problem.... after they'ree &&pcaught. joy lpola has -& tonight's cover story..... ""aught in the act". -3actt. 3 3 (((kk))george michhel sex sex see.theeseduction of sex. &(beerin/audio only) 18:30:52 sex is a powerfuu biologically based appetite ii similar to &phuugeefor rchard (who asked
10:31 pm
we not use his last name) hhs sexual cravinn nearly ruinee his liie..richard) 8:36:42 as - a selfish aad self centered -3& ndiviiuaa i had thhught whhtever i wanted when i wanted it where i wanted it was thh moot immootant thing. - richard believes he suuferss &pfrommthe same addiction aa tiger woods, brett favre and forrmr ccngrrssman anthony wwiner. 3&p((ichard) 8:20:40 t's & primarily using te ddiction as an answerrtt ry to soove & lifee' issuus but like otherss... richard didn't know until after he was caught. (coverrwith sturdd shot) joy &p8::5:46 auddo only ou know pherr arr critics outtthhre who would ay you know what you got cauggt you don't have a roolem the only hinn you may sufffr ffom is making poor decisionnsrichard) 8:30057 i --3 kkew what i wws doing wasn't right but iididd't know hatt it was.(berlin) 18:36:02 there are maay people whooare & struggling to be in connrol oo
10:32 pm
&pthemselves ssxually these &ppeople are in neee f help 3 and iithink ii's imporant that we acknowledge that and not 3 this is sooething being used as a weak xcuse doctor red berlin specialiizs in the & evaauation ann treatment oof &ppatients with sexual disorrers. berlinn 18:33:30 if some peoppe re struggging acknowledge that and provide thattfoorthem (richard) 8:28:45 while i was acting out i was willing to sacrifice everythinn. paul kelnerrwho's p sex addiction therapist says &phe hears that a lot frrmm hii patients. 8800:444it's the comppllion it's he inabilityy & pn addicttd person can nott ptop.(joy and richard) 8:44:07 so who knnw aout your addiction before youu arrestnn &ppody not even me. over the pearss.. thhre were signs ..... therapists ccll thhm acting out behaviorr...
10:33 pm
3masttrbation, excessiie aaount - of timeeon inttrnet porn 3 hhving affairs meeting anonymous eopll or sex. (richardd 8:34:30 i mighttholdd the record.richard sayy he 3 aatinn out behaviors.ttee he anonyyous.... ii's a 122step program. richard attends meetings and hhs a sponsor. -(richard) 8:20:58 ii offerss -3 solutions to the ppoblem and hyper sexual is the ssme reason people drink excessively and use drugs feellngs ittssaacopiig mechhniim ttat doesn't work very wwlll whether its an addiction or usttan excuse... its intensely personal.and docttrs who treat peopll llke rrcharr...say ecovery can take years....tte risk f relapse remainn a constaat phreat..
10:34 pm
3 joy leopla fox 455newssat ten. & 3 ultimately only a patient and theirrtherapist know if the issue is truly see & addiction.....or, just an excuse.& 3 33 they never had an appreeiition -they were accuued of." &pof." these brotters lived with their motterrfor aloog time... even after she died...thh rrason they won't - face charges... later on foo45 news at ten 3 theseeteens ransack a convenience store...the other places they struck......ann one person...nextton fox45 news at ten -& 3 -3 3 & 3
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shows .... mann foreign governments -- / are... not keeping track of informationn.. about terrorisss. terrorists. according to & a year long investigatioo,,../ mmny countrres have yet tt addresss he poouments, .../ like... irth certificates,.../ that re... a gaaewaa to a genuine passport..../...among the biggeettoffenddrs... pakisttnn.../theii
10:41 pm
ability o track known and sussectedd terrorists.../ -3 3 collins says: "it is stunning, thhttpakistan wwich is supposed tt be our allyyin he wwr against terrorism, does not even share fingerprint 3 goveenment.. 3 the surprising problems foond in other countries... coming p in just 33 minntes on the ate edition at 11 & 3 casey anttony will be eeeased & troublee are far frrm over., a search team that helppd look for her missiing & ddughter... is suing casey 33 thousand dollaas..... saying she wasted thhir time and &ppesources, because she knew -3 caylee would never bb foond aaivv.on top f that....whhn may change hhr naae, and use a disguiiee..for protection.and - the poliie, by the way--- the pame cops that say caseyy lat out lied--- are not obligated 3 teens
10:42 pm
go n a rampage innone neighborhooo in michiiann- michigan thissis what & happennd inside one & convenience store...jjst -3pknocking ttings ooer nd taking whateeer theyywantt.. they err alss t thieev-f-w -33 hall... craahing an 8th grade graduation the end oo & the night,,the group went to this white castll......and ssmething to them.pplicc are the officers immediately called forrparamedics, untied -3 the victii from theebed. 3 this woman... apparently takes a kniff to her husbandd.. &pthe very personallaatack he survived... later on foxx5 news aatten they never had an apppeciation of."" these brothees lived -3 with their otter or along died...the eason thhy won't &pface charges.... next
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some? [ child's voice ] you guys should rock paper, scissors for it. ok. [ chuckles ] best of three? sure. one-two-three-shoot. one-two-three-shoot. [ scoffs ] one-two-three-shoot. one-two-three-shoot. one-two-three-shoot. one-two-three-shoot. i win! oh, man. [ muffled ] congratulations. [ male announcer ] get your own bbq pulled pork sub at subway®. tender, slow-cooked pork with irresistibly bold barbecue sauce. subway. eat fresh®. win broohers... accused of murdering... theirr -mooher.../ ann... living with... her corpse.... - can... go ffee. free. 3 ... -3texas... ggand jury.../ decided... not to indict.../ edwaad and edwin... -3 berndt..... átheáá... brrthers... were - found living... ii... their houuton home... with the... bbdy..../ áásy-biláá berndd... fell and injured
10:46 pm
89... yyar old... &pstayed there.../ & as... her... mentaalyy challenged sonn...// went on... with... theer 3 & 3& scardino saas, "when the mothee raised tem she took - care oo them morning nnon and 3whaatto do. they dddn't shavee they baahe they didn't brush their teeth they didn'ttknow bbothers... will poon... move oot of state. - 3 so, most off ssthink we're pretty stressed out in this itts nnt ss ad here, compared toootter countries--- at leastt for womee. women. a glooal survey asked women in twenty- one couutries... how stressed they arr. the llast stressed -&pin the world?tte women oo swwden. 3&p and not just swedish women.. everybodd inn weden.. poo hhve six weeks paid vacation. sttndard? standard, yyah. you just get ssx weeks? yeah, whether you arr anitor or ceo... 3
10:47 pm
3 theemost tressed out omen in 3 big part of it... buu he ey -3 ptresser on women.. around the world... is how much they feel pressured for ime...and how little then can tte u-s... we're kinndof right in 3 stress ist..-3 &3 a nasty backkaah agaannt netflix netflixyesterday...thh company announced a 60-percent price increass forra lot of its users.insteaa of getting 1 3& poo 10 bucks a iss & and ccarging 8 dollarssa month -3 for each. 42-thousand people pommented on he compaay's 3&pare far, no additional explanntion fromm p tteree../ could... be a way stop & yourrteee.../ from texting beeinddthe wheel wheelthis...
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smartphone app ...on't lee -3&pyyu senn.../ or....receive texts or emails.../ if... the phone travelingg.. mooeethan ... 10 miles n hoor...//áátheáá &man... who created it... &psays.../ he was worried... about his own child 3 he's a gooo boy he doesn't divee yet but s soon as he startt driving he's going tto have this on his phhne 3 parenns... 3 can... also.../ eeabll....the app remotely -3 3 3 tte wifee at that time, made the spontaneous statement that he deserved it." it." the veryypersonna... ppinful attack against her & on fox45 nees aa ten he hiddennfees thht couldddrive up the cost of yyur nnxt vacation ooerseas... next on fox45 news ,
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3&panother money-ssaing tippfrom consumer reports money adviisr... when using a credit - card ffr purchases... be ssre & the erchanntcharges you in locallcurrencc. if you're &pcharged in dolllrs... you -3 coull end up payingga lottmore. -3 patrice harrii ox45 news at &pten. 3 the emaakablee ,3 ride cootinues for the us - women's soocer team...on sunday, thhy will lay for te &pworld cup title...thhir ffrst appeareanceei the champiooship since 1999...they advanced tooay wwth a thrilling win ovvr france... france... 3&pseconddhalf....match tied at cheney with the corner & kick...anddabby waabacc sails innwith the hhader...shades off sunday's ttrilled ovee -3 brazil...tournamenn andd122h of s leads 2-11..aaddthen & jjss 3 minutes later, alex beating frrnce goalie eat-an -gherr sappwitz, and ttat was that...the us wins 3-1 andd aavances to the finals where 3 3there are thhseewho feel the
10:54 pm
ravens versus tte steelers is one of the great rivalries in sports..steelers safety ryan clark doos not agree...he says tte ravenn don't win enough to call it rivalry...oh yes hh ddd... did... 33 and then herr's james &&pharrissn...the steeler & the lltest issue of men's joornal, hee - rips thh nfl commissioner and --3 his own quarterback...harrison -&psaid ben roethlisburrer needs manning...says harrisoo you paid like him...aa far as rroer goodell, harrison called crook, a devil and stupid... &pffnes over 100,0oo dollars foo illeagl hits last season, harrisonnalso said about goodell quote iihate him and will never respect him...all they'll discuussthe commmnts at an appropirate ttme...i'll -& bet they wwll... 3 3 meanwhile...ii's wiiding downn playyrs are oo theer own to get ready.... roonddpicc ttrrey smith 33 owingss ills just in case this
10:55 pm
training champions.comingg p tonight at 11, we get a privaae look at one oo his pets have helped tte nnwbie 3 much more coming up in the 1 pmm dition of sports nlimited. & 3 a california wooan in --3 the midss f divorcing her 33 for aalegeely mutilating her husband. husband. poliie 3becker... made her hhsband.../ & a niic dinnerr../ laced... with psomething to kkock him oot...// & he came to...// 3 in...the garbage... disposal...// disposal...// &p3 "when thh officeer went in theee, theyyfounddthee husband tieedto the bbd and blleding rofusely rom tte groin rea. the officers iimediately called for paramedics, untied thh victim from thh bee. thh ife, at - that time, madd tte spontaneous statement thatthe deservvd it." pt." beacker''...// dollar... baill..// husband's... innserious conditionn -- 3- p3
10:56 pm
the extreme meesures used to fight... next nnfox45 news at ten 3ann cominn up... n five -3 3 rememberrthis isaster last winter.... in minneapoliss../ááwhyááá stadium officials... now say.../ it... wonnt likely happen - agaan.../ no matter how hard it snnws. 3 - 3&pic: so jussin, you waana all oot my girllmmla? pila?and... a message for ii coulddend up... & being an ffer e can't refuse. for these stories aad more...join us 33& tonight at 111
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you're the best, mr. snuggles. [ thinking ] another pet name? all right, i'm smart enough to notice that my favorite fresh-brewed mickey d's sweet tea is now on the dollar menu, so i'm smart enough for this. you're the best, too... sweet tea... pie? aww, chipmunk. [ male announcer ] sweet tea and the mcdonald's dollar menu.3 in acoma waahington... fists -3&pfly inside the courthouse... after a murder suspeet is escortedd n foo trral prialááfriendsáá &ppast fficers.. / -3 ááandáá ground.../ áákickingáá & his head..../ - áááfficersáá had... tt use taserr.. to 33 -
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